Sea Breeze

And suddenly it is September and the show is nearly here. The Winter Gardens are as glorious as everin-the-gods and we are looking forward to getting in there and working…

The book is due to be collected from the printers tomorrow and we begin the get-in on Friday.

First performance of Sea Breeze on tuesday evening September 23rd.

All the ticket information is here on theĀ Live at LICA website.


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In March…

… we have been working on this website. A trawling though archives, images and writing that has barely begun. It is a little like making a show, working within very prescribed limitations. And if a show, then still very much a work-in-progress… we suppose it always will be.

And next will be Sea Breeze. We are already looking through the material from last year’s pilot and making plans, and we shall begin working properly in June, returning to the extraordinary Winter Gardens in Morecambe and reviving the Seaside Spectacle. ‘This is not a theatre anymore… this will always be a theatre.’

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